Bombshell on Broadway


So who remembers the hit show SMASH from a few years back? Well for those of you who never saw the AMAZING show, featuring up-comming stars like Jeremy Jordan, is about a group of people producing a show called Bombshell which centers around the life of Marilyn Monroe. No show has ever been brought to Broadway a show that centers around Ms. Monroe, the iconic movie star in the white dress. Bombshell was a musical written for the TV show that is now OFFICIALLY BEING MADE INTO A REAL LIFE VERSION TO BE BROUGHT TO BROADWAY!

Clearly I’m very excited!

It has been announced that the people who choreographed the TV show version of the amazing production will reprise their roles as the show comes to Broadway stages. Nothing has been announced though in terms of cast. Many fans are hoping that the original show’s broadway cast returns, which I would be happy about! But Christian Borle was a star on this show, but as the writer in the TV series.

All of us fans have questions, but for the purposes of this blog, BOMBSHELL IS BEING MADE IN REAL LIFE FOR BROADWAY! Again, clearly, I’m very excited about this!



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