Music – Pentatonix

Music plays a very important role in my life. I’m the girl in the office with the giant headphones that block out every sound but the music. I edit videos mostly for a living, which explains why I have them in the first place. But as a millennial, music influences us more than anything. Artists now make less songs about issues and more about romance. But what I don’t love is that many artists’ voices are mixed and changed so much so that you don’t really appreciate the music itself and its message as a whole. Half the time I don’t even know what they are saying. Thats why I love Pentatonix so much. They take the power of music and a voice and turn it into such beauty. It makes you really appreciate the power of a cord.

To me, music isn’t raw anymore. It’s all electronic. Don’t get me wrong, I still rock out to the newest Bruno Mars, Beyonce, and Hollywood Undead like the next girl. But I love music that moves me. Over the years I feel like we’ve lost that connection. Music used to be more about expression then making money. Record companies try to make music that sells rather than something that is both good and moving. When something moving comes along, it goes viral instantly. Millennials have been through so much in terms of music alone. I can’t keep up with all the changes.

Check out the newest Pentatonix album, and just listen to their cover of Hallelujah. It will blow your mind.


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