Introducing the new iPhones: 5c and 5s

Introducing the new iPhones: 5c and 5s

Introducing the newest in the iPhone phone craze! The ones on the left are the premium model of the iPhone, 5s. It comes in black, silver, and gold. It features a fingerprint identification scanner, an 8mp camera, and all the bells and whistles.

This time around, Apple decided to introduce a second iPhone, a less expensive model, as seen in the above photo on the right. This one is the 5c, which comes in white, pink, yellow, blue, and green. I think this one is more practical for the average aged kid. Although it does come with siri (according to, it still has everything the regular iPhone has. But come on people, the colors! Plus they have really cool cases for the phones too. To learn more about the less expensive, made of completely plastic, model, click on the photo to view the video about it.


April Fools’ Day 2013: The 10 Best Pranks From Around The Web

Now this i gotta see!


Has someone put your stapler in a Jello mold? Are you plotting your revenge right now? Well if you need some inspiration, check out how the biggest websites and companies have attempted to dupe Americans today as we celebrate April Fools’ Day.

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WATCH:YouTube Announces It Will Shut Down

Google freaked out viral video lovers by announcing that YouTube will shut down. It also rolled out new products like Google Nose, “the new scentsation in search,” and “Treasure Maps,” based on a pirate map pulled out of the Indian Ocean during an “underwater Street View expedition.”

Twitter joked that basic users can only tweet with consonants; to use vowels, they will have to pay $5 a month.

If you want a hot…

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All about April- What is happening this month?

All about April- What is happening this month?

Some of you may be wondering what is going on in April besides it getting warmer outside and the ton of rain awaiting us. Here is the list of events and holidays happening this month!

April 2nd- World Autism Awareness Day
April 15th- Tax Day
April 21st- Patriots Day
April 22nd- Earth Day
April 26th- Arbor Day

Also in this month it is:
National Poetry Month
National STDS Education and Awareness
Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention
National Autism Awareness
Stress Awareness Month
National Donate Life Month

Fun facts:
Fruit and Veggies for the month include-
Strawberries, Asian Pear, Tomatillos
Flower of the month- Daisy and Sweet Pea

Tune in next month for events and fun facts about May! But until then click on the photo for fun last minute april fools day jokes and pranks! Please don’t harm your friends and family!

I know it is a bit late but HAPPY EASTER!

I know it is a bit late but HAPPY EASTER!

Although I do not understand this holiday because I do not celebrate it. From what I do know, I understand it as the beginning of spring and the gorgeous colors that come with it! Tomorrow is the first day of April. And as the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. So you shall be expecting some lovely rain-showers this month as well as some beautiful rainbows that follow them (hopefully, cross your fingers!). I love spring and everything that comes with it…expect bees…I HATE BEES…I’m not allergic to them but I might as well be because I am terribly frightened by them. Anyways, I hope your Easter was filled with many joyful family moments as my Passover was!

Also, now that my spring break is over ( 😦 ) I will be posting tons more, so keep a look out! If you click on the photo above it takes you to a 1800Dentist website. After all the candy you ate today, and will be eating for the next week, you may just need one!


Well, let’s just say that being on spring break not only gives me the urge to go outside and enjoy the warmth BUT I also missed the huge hdtv in my parents house. I have been watching HGTV a lot this week and it is giving me the DIY renovating projects bug.

So from one artist to another, go to a flea market, buy something interesting and put your own touch on it! Then you can blog about it or show us on instagram or pinterest!

Happy 1,000!!

Happy 1,000!!

Today as I checked my blog’s stats, I came across the fact that I have had officially 1,000 views on my blog!! This is an amazing triumph for me considering I only started my blog back in December. I really just want to take this time to thank everyone who helped make this blog a success: my family, myself, my friends, all my followers, and all you bloggers out there who gave me ideas that helped make this blog what it is today! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

And just to show my appreciation, click on the picture and you will see a funny clip from the animated feature film Despicable Me.

Keep it up you guys! Tell all your friends! 🙂