Young Mothers

My news feed was controlled by the birth announcement of Ms. Kylie Jenner (Mozel Tov Kylie!). This should be an amazing occasion for her, but instead it is clouded by trolls saying she is too young to be a mother.

Yes, she is young, but women have been having children earlier in life for thousands of years. For a long time it was considered voodoo for a woman to have her first child after 25. Now, its considered the norm. Granted, humans live longer now than they did then, but it is a person’s right to decide when, and if, they want children.

I think Kylie will be an amazing Mom! Every girl has the power to be an amazing Mom, they just have to want to try their best at it.

Sometimes we don’t get to choose when the time will happen. It is a very difficult subject to talk about, which I won’t get in to. I will say this though: Please keep your beliefs to yourself and don’t bash a woman of her decision – or any decision for that matter. We all have a right to decide our lives.

Advice from a girl in her 20-somethings: Respect decisions. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs but it is you who decides your life, not the other way around.


Celebrity Big Brother – EP 1+2

I am a HUGE fan of Big Brother. So when Celebrity Big Brother was announced at the end of September, I wondered who CBS would cast for this.

As a girl in her 20s, I grew up watching Nick – so when I heard James from Big Time Rush was going to be on it, I flipped so hard! I actually did not know any of the other cast members besides the girl from American Pie.

After watching the first few episodes, there is so much stuff that is shocking to me. The president was even brought up, and I had to listen to that conversation a few times to make sure I heard it right (side note – to whomever got a journalist/radio personality into that house… OMG YOU ARE THE QUEEN!!!!)

With the regular Big Brother program, you don’t hear much about the life outside the house. Maybe a spouse or children, but not their career. So when someone who works in the White House comes in, and talks about it, that’s just crazy.

Advice from a girl in her 20s: may attention to the media but don’t always believe it’s true. Right now I don’t know what to think but I feel like I need to pay more attention to the news.


2017 has been a crazy and unpredictable year for me – so my blog suffered. I want to take this time to reflect. For a girl in her now mid-20s (pause for cringe worthy word), life seems to become a day-to-day routine. I wake up Monday through Friday, go to work, come home, make food, sleep AND REPEAT.

I thought being in my (CRINGE) mid-20s would be a time of my life that I would be inspired. I would travel and see the world that I call home. I would fall in love. I would have a non-routine job. Well, I got 2 of those 4 so far so I guess I’m on my way.

2016 was a hard year for me personally and even more professionally. 2017 was an amazing year on a personal level. I met the greatest love I’ve ever known. I travelled to Florida, the Bahamas, Finland and New Orleans. I have a job I love in an industry that I don’t love. Also it felt like every Kardashian was either pregnant or hiding it (welcome to the world Chicago and Stormi!). Not to mention that Trump made a fool of himself a number of times, but I will not discuss politics anymore than I have to.

Advice from a girl in her 20’s – TRAVEL MORE. I felt that was my biggest takeaway in 2017. Take your girlfriends and go somewhere new. I’d recommend New Orleans and the gorgeous plantations. The history and culture there was both incredible and educational! Just remember, if you travel in the summer – drink lots of water. You do not want to get sick at a plantation from heat stroke.


I have no idea what to say about Mr. Donald J. Trump becoming President-Elect. My entire newsfeed on Facebook blew up yesterday and today. I’m not ashamed that I voted for Hillary. I was proud to vote for our first woman president. When I woke up to the news of Trump becoming president, I was appalled at first. He is unpredictable and said some very startling and cruel things while on the Campaign Trail. However, what I’ve come to understand is that even while in office, it’s hard to get things passed. He can’t just go and simply build a wall. That’s what the checks and balances system was put in place for.

Many Millennials are talking about how on Dec. 19th, there is a way to overrule the country’s electoral college choice. Yes, that’s right. There is a loophole. It’s a long shot, but elected officials from each state can go “rogue” and take away their support for Trump. Which means the runner-up Hillary Clinton gets the title of President-Elect. Don’t believe me…check it out in the NY Post.

I agree that this country needs a change but is Trump really the change we want? Some may say yes, we need someone fresh in politics that will help with somethings we always have struggled with: economy and unemployment. Trump most likely will help with that in certain ways as a businessman. I commend him for achieving the title though. Not many people in our nation’s history have reached this title of President-elect without holding any public office ever. I still think he should have started off smaller, maybe as a senator or governor.

The biggest upset was that we didn’t get our first women president, but I have no doubt that one day we will. Hillary said it right that this will be hard, but girls should always go for their dreams and don’t let something ever put you down. She may have not been able to break that “glass ceiling” so to speak, but someone will. And when they do, we have Susan B. Anthony to thank for starting that for us.

My last thought about all of this was those riots that broke out amongst major cities around the country last night, including NYC, LA, and Chicago. I’ve never seen this big of a riot for a President-Elect ever. This is getting out of hand, guys. He hasn’t tried anything yet. He may not get very far in everything he promised…IE the damn wall. But what I do know is this… when Mr. Trump does become our President, give him a chance. I don’t support his morals or his values on many of the issues, but I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt. He may surprise us. A man can say a lot of things, but its what he does that means anything. Let’s see what he does.

Michelle Obama 202o.

Music – Pentatonix

Music plays a very important role in my life. I’m the girl in the office with the giant headphones that block out every sound but the music. I edit videos mostly for a living, which explains why I have them in the first place. But as a millennial, music influences us more than anything. Artists now make less songs about issues and more about romance. But what I don’t love is that many artists’ voices are mixed and changed so much so that you don’t really appreciate the music itself and its message as a whole. Half the time I don’t even know what they are saying. Thats why I love Pentatonix so much. They take the power of music and a voice and turn it into such beauty. It makes you really appreciate the power of a cord.

To me, music isn’t raw anymore. It’s all electronic. Don’t get me wrong, I still rock out to the newest Bruno Mars, Beyonce, and Hollywood Undead like the next girl. But I love music that moves me. Over the years I feel like we’ve lost that connection. Music used to be more about expression then making money. Record companies try to make music that sells rather than something that is both good and moving. When something moving comes along, it goes viral instantly. Millennials have been through so much in terms of music alone. I can’t keep up with all the changes.

Check out the newest Pentatonix album, and just listen to their cover of Hallelujah. It will blow your mind.


I’m a little on edge about this topic. With 6 days to go until the election…I don’t know if I even want to vote. Many Millennials know that every vote counts but with either of these candidates winning, I’m scared. Rumor has it, Canada will be acquiring millions of new citizens after all of this is over.

As a women in this fight, I don’t know where I stand. On one hand, yay for a female candidate to make it to this point. I’m very proud of being a girl for this reason. On the other hand I don’t like the secrets she has kept, and it makes me nervous what else she is hiding. But then you got the sexist pig on the left there. I’m more afraid of being insulted or getting my rights taken away, which we have fought so long for. Also doesn’t help that his temper has been called into question countless times before. So with him having access to that big shiny red button that sets off wars and missiles, makes me nervous as all hell.

The president of this country was known for being intellectual, kind, and rational. I have no idea if either of these candidates follows that path right now. I want to vote on Tuesday, I do, and I probably will. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to be happy about it.

My closing argument: Michelle Obama 2020. That is all.


11224681_10154133972287635_6018494496280340168_n  So this year for Halloween, my friends wanted to do something a bit different and do a Disney themed group. Which isn’t that different but still it was cute. One was Minnie Mouse, another was Captain America. My other friend came up with this brilliant idea to be Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, the fun twins from Alice in Wonderland. I ended up being Tweedle Dum because it was her idea. I didn’t mind though because I loved being this costume for Halloween. I’ve never really done anything that was unique like this since I was 10 and decided to be a hobo for Halloween. Yes, that’s right. I was a hobo. I couldn’t think of anything else that year. I even cut up an old baby dress I wore and put it on a teddy bear.

But let me tell you something, Halloween when you’re in your early 20’s is simply a time to get wasted at a bar party, which I did, or sit at home watching horror films with your friends. The bar party was amazing and I had a ton of fun, but I did get to let my inner child out when I went around trick-or-treating with my 9-year-old twin cousins last night. They dressed as poop emojis this year. Party City actually sells those too.

I think my most interesting finding was that kids actually didn’t go out this year. I saw so many fewer children out then when I was a kid. I’m not sure if they started earlier or not but many houses we visited said we were the only group that came through their neighborhoods. When I was a kid, you grabbed your friends and those coveted pillow cases and went everywhere for free candy. Parents today seem to be afraid of taking their kids around their neighborhood at night, but with all the stupid clown stuff going on right now, I quite honestly don’t blame them. Apparently there is this new phenomenon called Trunk-or-treat, which is basically parents gather in a parking lot and open their trunks with candy and kids go around that way. That takes the fun out of the holiday where you go up to your neighbors house and they try to guess what you are. Someone thought I was a kid, but when you’re in your early 20’s going around with a bunch of young kids, I was mistaken as their mom a few times, which threw me off a bit. Am I really old enough to be a mom now? A good friend of mine just announced she is pregnant and she is younger than me. I know, I’m going off on a rant, but it scares me that friends of mine are getting married and having kids but I don’t even have a boyfriend.

That is pretty much my life right now. Also I need this wine glass in my life!

Until next time…