I have no idea what to say about Mr. Donald J. Trump becoming President-Elect. My entire newsfeed on Facebook blew up yesterday and today. I’m not ashamed that I voted for Hillary. I was proud to vote for our first woman president. When I woke up to the news of Trump becoming president, I was appalled at first. He is unpredictable and said some very startling and cruel things while on the Campaign Trail. However, what I’ve come to understand is that even while in office, it’s hard to get things passed. He can’t just go and simply build a wall. That’s what the checks and balances system was put in place for.

Many Millennials are talking about how on Dec. 19th, there is a way to overrule the country’s electoral college choice. Yes, that’s right. There is a loophole. It’s a long shot, but elected officials from each state can go “rogue” and take away their support for Trump. Which means the runner-up Hillary Clinton gets the title of President-Elect. Don’t believe me…check it out in the NY Post.

I agree that this country needs a change but is Trump really the change we want? Some may say yes, we need someone fresh in politics that will help with somethings we always have struggled with: economy and unemployment. Trump most likely will help with that in certain ways as a businessman. I commend him for achieving the title though. Not many people in our nation’s history have reached this title of President-elect without holding any public office ever. I still think he should have started off smaller, maybe as a senator or governor.

The biggest upset was that we didn’t get our first women president, but I have no doubt that one day we will. Hillary said it right that this will be hard, but girls should always go for their dreams and don’t let something ever put you down. She may have not been able to break that “glass ceiling” so to speak, but someone will. And when they do, we have Susan B. Anthony to thank for starting that for us.

My last thought about all of this was those riots that broke out amongst major cities around the country last night, including NYC, LA, and Chicago. I’ve never seen this big of a riot for a President-Elect ever. This is getting out of hand, guys. He hasn’t tried anything yet. He may not get very far in everything he promised…IE the damn wall. But what I do know is this… when Mr. Trump does become our President, give him a chance. I don’t support his morals or his values on many of the issues, but I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt. He may surprise us. A man can say a lot of things, but its what he does that means anything. Let’s see what he does.

Michelle Obama 202o.


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