11224681_10154133972287635_6018494496280340168_n  So this year for Halloween, my friends wanted to do something a bit different and do a Disney themed group. Which isn’t that different but still it was cute. One was Minnie Mouse, another was Captain America. My other friend came up with this brilliant idea to be Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, the fun twins from Alice in Wonderland. I ended up being Tweedle Dum because it was her idea. I didn’t mind though because I loved being this costume for Halloween. I’ve never really done anything that was unique like this since I was 10 and decided to be a hobo for Halloween. Yes, that’s right. I was a hobo. I couldn’t think of anything else that year. I even cut up an old baby dress I wore and put it on a teddy bear.

But let me tell you something, Halloween when you’re in your early 20’s is simply a time to get wasted at a bar party, which I did, or sit at home watching horror films with your friends. The bar party was amazing and I had a ton of fun, but I did get to let my inner child out when I went around trick-or-treating with my 9-year-old twin cousins last night. They dressed as poop emojis this year. Party City actually sells those too.

I think my most interesting finding was that kids actually didn’t go out this year. I saw so many fewer children out then when I was a kid. I’m not sure if they started earlier or not but many houses we visited said we were the only group that came through their neighborhoods. When I was a kid, you grabbed your friends and those coveted pillow cases and went everywhere for free candy. Parents today seem to be afraid of taking their kids around their neighborhood at night, but with all the stupid clown stuff going on right now, I quite honestly don’t blame them. Apparently there is this new phenomenon called Trunk-or-treat, which is basically parents gather in a parking lot and open their trunks with candy and kids go around that way. That takes the fun out of the holiday where you go up to your neighbors house and they try to guess what you are. Someone thought I was a kid, but when you’re in your early 20’s going around with a bunch of young kids, I was mistaken as their mom a few times, which threw me off a bit. Am I really old enough to be a mom now? A good friend of mine just announced she is pregnant and she is younger than me. I know, I’m going off on a rant, but it scares me that friends of mine are getting married and having kids but I don’t even have a boyfriend.

That is pretty much my life right now. Also I need this wine glass in my life!

Until next time…


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