Avril Lavinge’s newest music video- “Hello Kitty”

Okay, let us talk about the most currently talked about music video to date: Avril Lavinge’s Hello Kitty.

It has been called a racist and stereotypical Japanese themed video. People are irritated and annoyed at Avril Lavinge, calling her racist and insensitive to those addressed in her video. Her song is not only offensive to certain racial groups but is also a bit strange. The point of the dancers in the background is pointless to most, and the only other thing that caught my eye was the cool skirt and the cupcake shaped pillows. If that is the only thing that kept me watching the video, then obviously something is wrong here.

Avril Lavinge is most famous for her song, Sk8ter Boy, from back in the early 2000s. I personally loved that music video and song and I wish she focused her music selection on more songs like that. However, I believe she is trying to expand her music genre as seen from the music video above. And secondly, the video isn’t even about the Japanese character, Hello Kitty, which is loved by millions of all ages. The people who obviously made the video took the name Hello Kitty too literally. Listen to the song next time guys!

I will be posting more soon, my darlings! It has been a rough semester here at NP.


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