In Recent News: Justin Beiber gets ARRESTED!!


Most of you probably already know that the famous pop-star, Justin Beiber, was arrested earlier this week for DUI (driving under the influence), and resisting arrest. He was released from Miami PD yesterday and posted a picture of himself on his Instagram at the gates of the station comparing himself next to the picture of Michael Jackson (seen above). This guy has another thing coming if he compares himself to that amazing man. Justin, news flash, you are nothing like MJ, END OF STORY. Do not compare yourself to him. He built his career from the ground up starting in the Jackson 5 group with his siblings. He might have ended his life on a sad and rather disturbing note, but he was an amazing artist with amazing talent. You are just a wannabe pop-star who has decent looks and dresses like he is from the hood when you are from a nice suburb in Canada.

Something must be seriously wrong with you if you are smiling in your mug shot:


So get your head out of your booty and revamp your image, because lately, you are worse than Miley. Sorry, but I only speak the truth and my opinions here.

To read the rest of the story from CNN, please click on the photo of JB and MJ above. 🙂


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