Introducing the iPad Air

Introducing the iPad Air

I didn’t believe it at first either, but it looks like Apple is trying to make their iPads even smaller than they already were. The iPad Air is only 1 pound in weight and features a retina display and a really nice camera. The iPad Air, according to most other bloggers, is Apple’s version of the Samsung Note, just without the ability to be a real cell-phone.

I remember a few years ago when the iPod was the big thing, and when Apple kept introducing smaller and lighter versions in a variety of bright fun colors. The iPad Air is going to be great for people who like to read and play games on the go, and don’t need the bulk of the normal sized iPads, nor the memory.

So the question now remains: will this product do well? I think so actually. To my surprise this new product is actually useful, just like the Macbook Air was just a few years ago. It makes more sense to have an iPad Air than a Macbook Air because you need more memory on your laptop than your iPad.

Click on the photo above for more information about this new product.


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