Curved Smartphone…interesting

Curved Smartphone...interesting

Introducing the curved smartphone from Samsung called the Galaxy Round. It was designed to fit more comfortably in the palm of your hand.

My opinion is split on this one. On one hand I’m intrigued by this new phone design, but on the other hand, I’m concerned that it will be more prone to snapping in half. What happens if you sit on it, does it curve against your butt?

These are questions which shall be answered in due time. The Samsung Galaxy Curved will be introduced into Korea starting today and open to the public of Korea starting tomorrow around noon. I’m excited to see how this new phone does. Maybe this will be the new trend. Next will be the special shaped phones, like a pear or apple. Maybe a donut one for those of you who love donuts.

Either way, this curved smartphone has been estimated to be hitting store shelves in the US by early next year.

Anyone want first dibs?


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