Ben Affleck as the new Batman?

Ben Affleck as the new Batman?

If you didn’t hear already, Ben Affleck has just been announced as the new Batman in the upcoming film. The overall response of the fans was not what Warner Bros was expecting, to say the least. The reviews of this news are horrendous, and no one is happy about it.

According to, he is just getting back his street and acting cred after the whole disaster known as “Gigli.” This is not the time Affleck to make a superhero debut. You are not ready to take on the name known as Batman.

If you do not do this right, you will lose the entire fan-base of the nerds and most of comic-con.

Affleck will star next to Henry Cavill, who has been said is going to reprise his role as Clark Kent and Superman. Thankfully that guy is good.

This is the first time Batman and Superman will be together on the big screen, and it is a huge step in the comic-made-movie franchise. I am a fan of the series myself, and as a fellow nerd, do no want to see Ben Affleck (known most for his amazing comedies), to mess this up.

Maybe he will surprise us, but who knows. To read all the details about the latest news in Gotham, please click on Ben Affleck’s face!


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