‘NSYNC Reunion rumors

'NSYNC Reunion rumors

This week’s biggest twitter trend in the entertainment world happens to be rumored ‘NSYNC reunion at the VMA’s this Sunday. Well, unfortunately, it is only a rumor. Lance Bass spoke to EW (Entertainment Weekly) about the rumors and he addressed it, and I quote, as “It’s so cute!”

When I saw this on my Twitter news feed, I have to say I was quite curious. Apparently, JT (Justin Timberlake) is accepting an award at the VMA’s THIS SUNDAY (I will be posting all the nominees later on today). So ‘NSYNC fans assumed that the popular ’90s boy band would make a reunion performance. I can’t say I blame the fans because it sounds like a logical and realistic idea. But according to Lance, as he addresses the way things ended with the band 10 years ago, he thinks that it is so cute that their fans still love them even after 10 years apart.

Lance says that he and the rest of the band, do support Justin in all of his endeavors, and even see at least one show of every single one of his tours. If you look on Lance’s Instagram, you can see he posted one last week of the concert.

So the question now remains, will ‘NSYNC ever have a reunion performance and possible tour like BSB did? I have no idea, but wouldn’t that be fantastic?!?!

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