The movie talk of the weekend

Even though I didn’t get to the movies this weekend, a lot of you said you saw one or both of the most talked movies of the week, The Butler, featuirng Oprah Winfrey, and Jobs, starring Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs.

According to, a well listened to radio station in the tri-state area, the better movie to see is The Butler. Not only is it more interesting beacuse of the plot but the script is so much better and the characters are well developed as compared to Jobs. You really get a different perspective on what happened in the white house during the civil rights movement and from a colored person’s point of view.

With that said, there is no reason to rule out the movie Jobs. However, many critics have said that watching Kutcher portray Jobs is not done to justice. Kutcher is well known for his comedies and romantic comedy films, such as That 70’s Show, Weekend in Vegas, and Two and a Half Men. This film has been called by some as Kutcher’s dramatic and serious role in a film debut. Unfortunately, like most of us, when you think of Kutcher you don’t think of serious guy. You think of this funny easy going cute guy who is both easy to relate to and is great at what he does. I praise him for trying to branch out as an actor, but this wasn’t the right one for him. Jobs just died not so long ago and even though this film is meant to commemorate his life and shed some of that light on the parts of his life that we didn’t see and that he kept really hidden and private, it is said by critics that Kutcher is almost making fun of Jobs. Which I don’t think was the intention at all, but I can see why they would come to that conclusion.

With all this said, should you see either of these films? Yes. But it is your choice in my opinion. I think that The Butler will hands down be nominated come Oscar season (there is even talk of Oprah getting a nomination! Not bad for a girl from a small town!). If you so choose to see Jobs, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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