In a World Like This- BSB and J-Mac

The most talked about tour in the music industry, besides the most anticipated Katy Perry tour next summer, is the In a World Like This World Tour with Backstreet Boys, featuring Jesse McCartney and DJ Pauly D. I personally went to this tour earlier in the week and to sum it up in one phrase: hands down the most fun I have ever had at a concert to date! They really got the crowd rocking. I loved how they played a mixture of both their old and new stuff. And with over 130 million albums sold, it is no surprise that BSB is the biggest selling boy band of all time. Even bigger than The Beatles in certain categories. That is a huge deal.

I have been a fan of BSB for many years, as well as Jesse McCartney. He has been on a hiatus from performing since his second album Departure came out in 2008-2009. He had his first tour in 2005, the Beautiful Soul tour featuring the Jonas Brothers. And it shouldn’t surprise you that I went to that tour with my dad. It was a small tour and in smaller venues. The t-shirt I got at that concert was the one I wore to the BSB concert. I thought it showed dedication. These fans are nuts for both of these acts.

Pauly D., most known for his appearances in the hit reality show Jersey Shore. I hated that show with a burning passion but it did have amazing reviews. But who doesn’t love hot Italian muscle men shirtless all the time. One of the guys from that show went to the college that I go to and was going for pre-law. He dropped out when he got discovered by MTV for the show. But anyways Pauly D. was great. I pleasantly surprised at how good his remixes were.

But I think my favorite part was when Brian from BSB brought his 10 year old son on stage before Pauly D. and let him perform all by himself for a few songs. He can really sing! I guess we can see a new BSB member in a few years. I found this blond hair blue eyed child to be both really talented and adorable. Keep it up kid.

Well that is it for this run down. See uou guys soon. Make sure to pick up uour copy of BSB’s new album In a World Like This in stores now. You can also download Jmac’s new single Back together on iTunes right now.

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