The Great Gatsby- movie review

The Great Gatsby- movie review

Many of you, like me, may have read the famous book, The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald. And many of you, like myself, also saw the 1970s version of the film in class. I loved the book and the original film from the 1970s. To be honest, I was indifferent about seeing the new version of the film because I was afraid that it wouldn’t live up to the original film or do the book justice.

I saw the film the other day and here is my review of it…

Well first off, the costumes were spectacular. The ones for the party scenes were definitely 1920’s era inspired but with a modern twist. It made the film have a modern take on it, however, I don’t recall Jay Z music being played in the 20s. It wasn’t until after seeing the movie that I found out that Jay Z was the one who put together the soundtrack for the movie. I felt that that was a bad choice on the directing side because even though it matched the feel of the costumes for the party scenes, it isn’t true for the era in which the book is set in. With that said, not all of the music was bad. There were some 20s themed music played at certain scenes.

The costumes were a bit too modern and glam for that time period as well. I feel that they were either too runway or too hollywood for this film. Since the main point of the costume and music selections were to bring in a younger audience, I give that project a B.

Since I did see the original film and read the book many times, there were certain scenes that weren’t in the film that should have been. It was very long as it is, and maybe these scenes didn’t help with the certain take this particular directer had for the film, there were questions about characters, particularly Daisy, that sparked many movie goers in the theatre with me. For example, in the book, and in the original film, there is a scene where Daisy is talking to her daughter, but her daughter doesn’t recognize her. This scene would have shown that Daisy had mental issues and ended up going mad by the end, which helps better explain her bizarre behavior, besides the fact she is confused regarding her love affair with Gatsby and her problems with her Husband.

Of course this is all my opinion. The first thing I thought was, omg Peter Parker is in this! He seems to always play similar roles. Oh and Leonardo DiCaprio was spot on in this film. I couldn’t ever think of a better actor that resembles Gatsby more than he does. He just fit the role. In fact, all of the actors and actresses fit their parts really well, and I think that, along with the set design is what kept the movie going. It really made the film better.

In all, I loved the movie from beginning to end. Maybe it is just because I have read the book countless times and saw the original movie from the 1970s, that I am biased about certain things that took place in this film. I was skeptical about seeing it, but I went with an open mind and loved it that much more.

I highly recommend this film.

The next films on my list are Iron Man 3, The Hangover Part 3, and many more. I hope to keep adding movie reviews throughout the summer.

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