Reading While Eating for Apr. 1: Baseball Is Back!

Very excited for the season to start!!


Today is Opening Day. Right, technically speaking the season began last night when the Houston Astros (newly of the American League) trounced the Texas Rangers. That said, the real action kicks off today with a full slate of games, most crucially a face-off between the Red Sox and Yankees, those perennially-bitter Northeast rivals. (

Tough Times Ahead for Traditional Powerhouses. The Yankees, Red Sox and Philadelphia Phillies have all grown accustomed to reaching the postseason on a regular basis (we will just ignore the trend-bucking last season for the latter two) but this year could prove trying for all three of baseball’s most storied ballclubs. (Keeping Score)

You Want Predictions? We got your predictions right here. Seems the Washington Nationals and Detroit Tigers are the in-vogue picks for World Series champions this year, meaning neither team has any chance whatsoever. (

Ranking All 30…

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