I know it is a bit late but HAPPY EASTER!

I know it is a bit late but HAPPY EASTER!

Although I do not understand this holiday because I do not celebrate it. From what I do know, I understand it as the beginning of spring and the gorgeous colors that come with it! Tomorrow is the first day of April. And as the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. So you shall be expecting some lovely rain-showers this month as well as some beautiful rainbows that follow them (hopefully, cross your fingers!). I love spring and everything that comes with it…expect bees…I HATE BEES…I’m not allergic to them but I might as well be because I am terribly frightened by them. Anyways, I hope your Easter was filled with many joyful family moments as my Passover was!

Also, now that my spring break is over ( 😦 ) I will be posting tons more, so keep a look out! If you click on the photo above it takes you to a 1800Dentist website. After all the candy you ate today, and will be eating for the next week, you may just need one!


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