All about April- What is happening this month?

All about April- What is happening this month?

Some of you may be wondering what is going on in April besides it getting warmer outside and the ton of rain awaiting us. Here is the list of events and holidays happening this month!

April 2nd- World Autism Awareness Day
April 15th- Tax Day
April 21st- Patriots Day
April 22nd- Earth Day
April 26th- Arbor Day

Also in this month it is:
National Poetry Month
National STDS Education and Awareness
Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention
National Autism Awareness
Stress Awareness Month
National Donate Life Month

Fun facts:
Fruit and Veggies for the month include-
Strawberries, Asian Pear, Tomatillos
Flower of the month- Daisy and Sweet Pea

Tune in next month for events and fun facts about May! But until then click on the photo for fun last minute april fools day jokes and pranks! Please don’t harm your friends and family!


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