Meteor Dazzles East Coast Night Skies

When my brother’s friends came over last night and told me this, I didn’t believe them.


A meteor streaked through U.S. eastern skies Friday with more than 300 reported sighting it in 13 states, according to Reuters.

The American Meteor Society confirmed the meteor and cited reports from Canada down through North Carolina and even as far inland as Ohio at about 8 p.m. Described as more fiery than Venus and about the size of an exercise ball, the spectacle triggered an outpour of social media response late into Friday, CNN notes. Throughout the evening Twitter was flooded with tweets about sightings of the phenomenon.

(PHOTOS: Russia Meteor Explosion Shatters Windows, Injures Hundreds)

Bill Cooke of NASA’s Meteoroid Environmental Office told the Associated Press that the fireball appeared to be as bright as the full moon. “The thing is probably a yard across. We basically have [had] a boulder enter the atmosphere over the northeast.”

A fireball is a meteor that is…

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