The Obama Bracket: Commander in Chief Makes His Picks for March Madness

I didn’t know the president would do this!?!


In mid-March 2009, less than two months after being sworn in as President, Barack Obama filled out his bracket for the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. As he explained his picks to ESPN’s Andy Katz, the president displayed some deft knowledge of both the game and the landscape of the tournament. “I hate to say this because my brother-in-law’s in the Pac-10 right now,” Obama told Katz, “but the Pac-10’s been looking pretty weak this year.”

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It’s no big secret that Obama is a huge basketball fan. He grew up playing the game, his aforementioned brother-in-law, Craig Robinson, is the head coach at Oregon State, and he plays plenty of pick-up games (including a regular match documented in Michael Lewis’ Vanity Fair profile of the president). In ’09 he predicted that Pitt, North…

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