How Far Can You Travel in 36 Hours with No Money? Try 7,000 Miles — or More

yay for my fellow travelers out there!


A group of Irish travelers set out to see how far they could get without spending a cent — and you’d be amazed at how far they made it.

In an event known as the Trinity College Jailbreak, nearly 70 students from the Dublin University were given a day and a half to get as far away from the Irish capital as they could without spending any money. “We originally thought people would travel to the U.K. and around Ireland, we never imagined they would make it out of Europe,” Sorcha McCauley, one of the organizers, told TIME over the phone.

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Yet for many, their enthusiasm brought them straight to Dublin’s international airport where they began to blag their way onto flights destined for Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Germany, Indonesia and even Australia. The winning team, two young medical students, made it…

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