School’s transgender ruling: fairness or discrimination?

School's transgender ruling: fairness or discrimination?

I believe this whole thing is discrimination. I understand why the elementary school did this, but that doesn’t make it fair for the child. They wanted to prevent the 7 year old Coy from being bullied in the girls bathroom because she is transgender but that is no right to make them go to another bathroom. That may cause more harm to the child. The point of transgender children is that they should be treated the way they want to be treated and the same as everyone else in that gender they so choose to be. It is just upsetting that this should happen to this little girl. I am here for you sweetie!

4 thoughts on “School’s transgender ruling: fairness or discrimination?

  1. Emily Anne says:

    well said! I feel for the school officials a little. This is tough–they want to do what’s best for the kid, but there are no easy answers. Anyway, I got nominated for this thing and in return I must nominate some other blogs. So congrats! I’ve nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award (don’t ask me what it is–I’m really not sure but it sounds like a good time). See more info here Hopefully I did it correctly. Jury’s out.

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