pop-culture events in march

pop-culture events in march

Events taken from ABC.com:

“March 25th – Shakira and Usher make their debut on the season 4 of The Voice as judges. Will they be better than their predecessors? Watch the promo and decide for yourself. Shakira’s baby boy will be about two months by then – old enough for a cameo on the show.”

“March 29th – Ryan Gosling re-teams with his Blue Valentine director Derek Cianfrance for The Place Beyond the Pines, about a motorcycle stunt driver who turns to crime to provide for his woman (Gosling’s real-life squeeze, Eva Mendes) and child. Somewhere along the way, he pisses off the wrong cop (Bradley Cooper).”

“March TBD – Alicia Keys and Miguel go on tour together! We don’t have an exact date and tickets aren’t on sale yet, but be on the look out, because this will sell fast.”

Friday starts the beginning of events that are sure to knock your socks off this march!! HAPPY ALMOST MARCH EVERYONE! March also means for us college students two words: SPRING BREAK!! Mine doesn’t start until the last week of March, which is quite sad.

Other events happening this coming month include: Saint Patricks Day (March 17th), March Madness (basketball), National Anthem Day (March 3rd), International Fanny Pack Day (apparently that is a real thing, March 2nd), Pi Day (March 14th), Read Across America Day (March 2nd), Telephone Invention Anniversary (March 10th), First day of Spring (March 20th), and finally Day Light Savings Time Begins (March 8th).



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