Anne Hathaway Apoligizes for Her Wardrobe at the Oscars

Anne Hathaway Apoligizes for Her Wardrobe at the Oscars

A lot of people who watched the Oscars this year, as well as followed the trends on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, noticed that her dress made her nipples look even larger than usual. There was a twitter account set up called @HathawayNipples. If you didn’t know, Ms. Anne Hathaway doesn’t have social media sites that she controls herself, so having that said she didn’t know what her fans were saying about her dress this year. A few days after the Oscars, she learned about the comments that her fans were saying about her dress and she has officially apologized for her dress, and she deeply regrets her dress choice. Not only is this bad publicity and unnecessary for her but also for Prada, the designer who made the dress that earned the star the twitter account. It was all in good fun and she wasn’t the only one who’s dress choice was criticized but having the been said, this isn’t a dress you would expect from the star. Her normal wardrobe for award shows like the Oscars have a similar theme of being conservative in the front and revealing in the back, since her back and shoulders are her best feature according to the “Princess Diaries” star. However, this dress does not emphasize her fantastic back and broad shoulders. The color of the dress was too light for the star in my opinion and makes her look almost naked. Again this last part is my own opinion.
Was the apology necessary for the star? No I don’t think so. Is it surprising that she did apologize? No.

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