This is just a step to far Mtn. Dew.


Toast, cereal and… Mountain Dew?

Yup, the soda — or at least, a drink that shares its name — could become part of your morning routine. PepsiCo wants to round out your breakfast with Kickstart, a new Mountain Dew-flavored drink packed with caffeine, 5% real fruit juice and Vitamins B and C.

Mountain Dew representative Elisa Baker told the Los Angeles Times that their customers were looking for an alternative to traditional morning beverages, such as coffee and tea. The company did extensive research into the possibilities, and apparently found that a lot of crazy people want to drink soda in the morning.

“Kickstart combines the best of all worlds — it tastes great, has just the right amount of real fruit juice and gives them a kick to help them start their day,” she said.

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The soda maker said it doesn’t…

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