Here is your Fashion for the Grammys this year

Campari and Sofa

The Grammys used to be about music – but it isn’t anymore (or maybe that’s just because I barely recognise any of the artists) … now a fashion fest like the Oscars or Emmys. With the predictable ‘Top Ten’ and ‘No Chance of a Chart’ entrants. In the spirit of Awards Ceremonies – campari&sofawanted to give away a couple of awards of our own.

As ever – some of the girls got it beautifully right: The Flawless Award

We loved that CBS sent out a memo before the Grammys telling the music folks what they could and couldn’t wear. We loved even more that these girls gave the network the rock’n’roll finger. To them the ‘Tits+Ass can be class’ Award

It being a time of global empowerment for women – to these ladies the You Wore the Pants Award:

Yes, we noticed that rock’s ‘bad-behaviour-duo’ Chris Browne and his Rhianna wore white…

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