this is exactly how I feel!

Sequins and Scotch

SO, it shouldn’t be a secret by now that I love awards shows.  I know they are just one giant commercial for the respective industry that the awards are for but they set the tone for fashion and trends for the whole year.  I am not a huge music person, I mean I like music, but I never know who actually sings which song.  If I like a song, I like it.  End of discussion, no more questions.

The Grammys are, without a doubt, the awards show that I would most like to see in person.  It is like one big concert, except the audience is made up of a ton of celebrities who are all wearing the most RIDICULOUS outfits they could find,  Case and point, this guy:

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 11.40.00 PM

We get it dude.  You are an artist.  But did you really have to startle me so bad with that huge…

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