1D is going 3D

1D is going 3D

If you haven’t heard already, the popular band 1 Direction will be hitting a big screen near you. This movie will be just like all the other concert series gone major motion pictured, and just like all the others before them, it will be in 3D. The film was directed by Super Size Me’s Morgan Spurlock. I don’t know if any of you saw Super Size Me, but that movie scared my for life and I couldn’t eat fast food for years, and the only reason I started up again was because I went to college, or I caved and got a frosty or mcflurry. Interestingly enough, I am curious as to how the US will embrace this film. Australia got a sneak peak at it, and they thought it was wonderful. So only time will tell whether or not 1D will take on the odds and win over the hearts of millions on the big screen.

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