The Super Bowl

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Well folks, if you didn’t catch last nights annual Super Bowl, you really missed out on a great football game. It was the San Francisco 49ers vs. the Baltimore Ravens. The final score was Ravens 34 and 49ers 31, making the Ravens Super Bowl champs! Congrats Baltimore Ravens! Job well done! However, every great victory has its good and bad moments…above are some of the highlights from the game, Beyoncé’s halftime show, and some of the best commercials of the night.

Let’s start with the game itself…now it was a fantastic game! The Ravens set a new NFL record for longest touchdown by running a 108 yard touchdown from in the end zone after one of the kick-offs! It was an amazing play by the Ravens.

Beyoncé’s halftime show, produced by Pepsi, was above all spectacular. Her stage presence is fabulous and her set design was flawless. I loved every second of the show. Destiny’s Child, the group the singer was formally in, made an appearance with the star and sang one of their old hits and also one of Beyoncé’s current hits. It was a show worth seeing!

Right after the half time show, half of the lights of the stadium in New Orleans, LA, surged and went out. So for over a half-hour, there was no play going on. This put a huge momentum halt on the Ravens. The 49ers, on the other hand, had been through this sort of thing before and knew how to handle it. Once the game resumed, they took the field by storm and had a great comeback in the second half. Overall though, the Baltimore Ravens did win, but this was the first time the 49ers ever made it to the Super Bowl, and even though they did not win, getting there and playing the game they love still was worth it all. Maybe next year users.

The commercials were mixed this year in terms of popularity, comedy, seriousness and fun. My personal favorites are the CBS commercials featuring The Big Bang Theory, Doritos, and many more. All of the commercials can be found on YouTube if you did miss them.

If you would like to learn more about this year’s Super Bowl, or just football in general, visit Trust me, it is worth at least having a general knowledge of football. I hope all the teams had a great season and short break before they start up training again for next season. As a football fan myself, I cannot wait for next season.

If you have any comments about the Super Bowl, or for any other post, please comment! I love to hear from you guys! Thank you all for your love and support of my blog. 🙂


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