Latest Super Bowl News

It has just recently come to my attention that this years Super Bowl match-up against the Ravens and the 49ers isn’t just your regular rivalry, but in actuality a sibling rivalry! Yes that is right you guessed it folks! Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh will be versing his younger brother Jim Harbaugh at this years Super Bowl. The sibling rivalry Super Bowl will take place on February 3rd. Make sure to watch the game live or set your DVR’s for this amazing game! Even if you aren’t a huge football fan, nor of the teams playing, it is really a fun time for everyone involved. The half-time show is always a fun time and the commercials, costing about 4 million bucks for a 30 second slot, are always captivating and set the tone for the rest of the year’s upcoming commercials. So grab your friends, lots of food and a seat on the couch because it is GAME TIME!!


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