Obama- speech on gun control

Obama- speech on gun control

For those of you who haven’t been up-to-date on the latest politics, and don’t worry I am not the best when it comes to understanding them, this particular issue has hit the nation hard. Some have even said that this issue, the amount of massive public shootings like Newtown and at the Apollo theater, hit the nation just as hard as 9/11. To even think that is a crazy thought. I watched the CBS feed of President Obama’s speech. I felt that he sounded very sincere and felt a closeness to the issue because he also has young children not much older than the ones who’s lives were taken at Sandy Hook elementary just 33 days ago. President Obama has set in motion a new proposal that not only calls for stricter gun control laws, including universal background check for all gun sales. The President’s proposal also calls for better counselors at schools and for more cops to be hired in local communities regardless of their budget situation.

The President in my eyes is such an elegant speaker and I loved how he brought the kids on stage and read their letters. It gives the general public a perspective that kids in this country to do listen and somewhat understand what is going on. I find that also admirable. I don’t want to sound too bias on this issue but I think that Obama may have the right idea, I just hope that this makes parents with young children sleep better at night knowing that their kids may be safer at school the next day.


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