There was so much snow on the roads today. It was some crazy thing I was not accepting coming out of the mall this afternoon. I wasn’t expecting snow, well that is a lie I was, but not that much in such a short period of time. It was all surreal to an extent. My mom’s car roared to life, like nothing I had ever seen before. For a second I thought we were in my car, which sounds like a tractor on crack because of how old and run-down it is. But my mom’s mini-van couldn’t take the hills with all the snow on it. The engine sounded like we were on a race-track except we weren’t moving an inch. The fact that we made it to our driveway was a miracle all in itself.

What is funny to me about all this was that I kept thinking how beautiful the streets looking painted white as crystals. But what really made me laugh was the fact the porche in front of us had a harder time getting up that same hill. Sometimes you don’t know just how lucky you are. And at that moment, we were definitely the lucky ones.

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