Merry Christmas Eve

Good morning/Good evening my fellow bloggers!

Merry Christmas eve!! I hope you spend this time with the people you love most, whomever they may be. I went Christmas caroling today with my friends from home, and let me tell you something about Christmas caroling…if you are one of the only jews in your group of friends, it gets awkward when you do not know the words to the song. If this is what happens to you, don’t fear, suggest a song book to be made so that everyone could follow along, and you won’t have that one person who forgets a verse and messes everyone else up. Thankfully, my friend Laura did come prepared this time so that this wouldn’t happen.

Like all the other times we have gone caroling, we have tried to raise money for UNICEF, and this year we tried a new route and it was highly successful. Although we did go much later in the evening than we usually do and so only hit about 10-15 houses, we managed to raise 86 dollars in less than an hour. We also got fresh-baked cookies too! Lots of fun is going on this Christmas eve in your local towns, and many people will be caroling today for you all to hear, so please do not push them away. We aren’t a professional group, but others practice for months for caroling. So be respectful and join in the fun.

Merry Christmas eve to all, and to all a festive new year.


Happy Holidays and Happy Writing!!

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