First Post

Hey all you bloggers out there! I am now joining your race on the web. 

People keep telling me to start a blog, so here it is!

My name is Rebecca, and I love entertainment, media of all kinds, music, social networking, sports, fashion, and much more. Over the course of this blog you will get to know me very well. I don’t really know what to say to you all on my first post, but I guess I’ll think of things as I go along.

I’m just an average college student, most likely to be in a lot of debt after I graduate. It really isn’t fair that we have all this debt. I go to a SUNY school and everyone who knows what that is, it is only nice if you live in-state. Well I do not live in NY, so the tuition is way to high for my personal liking.

I hope to post a poem in the future for you all to read.

Here is the first one:

I love my life I said

To the one who kept asking me

For I am stronger and better

than i was not so long before

I fixed my mistakes, I matured up my mind.

And now lets talk about you.


Thank you. 🙂

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