The Oscars

The Oscars

Ellen hosting the Oscars was an amazing experience for everyone! She used her funny personality and witty expression to take the crowd by storm. I would love to see her host again!

Some of the night’s highlight: Jennifer Lawrence falling again, John Travolta announcing Idina Menzel’s name wrong completely, Ellen handing out pizza to some of the audience, and sadly “The Wolf of Wall Street” going in with 5 nominations and not winning any of them. That last one was what shocked me the most.

Even to this day Leonardo DiCaprio still hasn’t won an Oscar. I think it is because of the controversial roles that he has played in each film he is nominated in. I find it sad because he is an amazing actor and deserves to win one. Well my message to you Mr. DiCaprio is to keep doing what you do best and one day you will win that Oscar.

Congrats to all the winners of this year’s Oscars!

Oldest known Holocaust survivor dies 110 years old

Please watch this video as it commemorates the death of 110-year-old Holocaust survivor.

In Recent News: Justin Beiber gets ARRESTED!!


Most of you probably already know that the famous pop-star, Justin Beiber, was arrested earlier this week for DUI (driving under the influence), and resisting arrest. He was released from Miami PD yesterday and posted a picture of himself on his Instagram at the gates of the station comparing himself next to the picture of Michael Jackson (seen above). This guy has another thing coming if he compares himself to that amazing man. Justin, news flash, you are nothing like MJ, END OF STORY. Do not compare yourself to him. He built his career from the ground up starting in the Jackson 5 group with his siblings. He might have ended his life on a sad and rather disturbing note, but he was an amazing artist with amazing talent. You are just a wannabe pop-star who has decent looks and dresses like he is from the hood when you are from a nice suburb in Canada.

Something must be seriously wrong with you if you are smiling in your mug shot:


So get your head out of your booty and revamp your image, because lately, you are worse than Miley. Sorry, but I only speak the truth and my opinions here.

To read the rest of the story from CNN, please click on the photo of JB and MJ above. :)

Betty White is 92!

The famous Betty White turned 92 years old this week. If she can do it, so can the rest of us. :)

Recent Films in Review

I have seen a few movies over the last few weeks since I have been home, and below is my review of some of them.

American Hustle- 2 Stars

Every year for Christmas Day, my family goes to see movies and eat chinese food at my Grandparent’s house, like most other Jews do. I wanted to see American Hustle because I thought of all the action that should come with it. It was not action packed at all, more like a drama with a few comedic reliefs to break the silence. All the hype put on this film was not putting it to where it needed to be. The theatre was packed, as it should have been, but the movie fell short, in my opinion to its expectations. At least 20 people left mid-way into the film, and I wouldn’t blame them. The film was only interesting at some points of the film, and was quite boring and felt that much longer. I was expecting all the action and scandals of that time period but no such luck I’m afraid. I give this film 2 stars for its acting and costumes, otherwise not something worth seeing in theaters. 


Frozen- 4 stars

I am actually not the biggest fan of animated features as some would think, but all my friends saw this one and I caved and saw it. I was actually pleasantly surprised at what Disney put together. The last few movies about female characters from Disney have shed a certain light about the female character. One of the most memorable parts was when the older sister said to the younger sister, “You can’t marry someone you just met,” which is what many other Disney films have not portrayed before. I definitely think that Disney is on the right track with this film. A must see for the family.


The Hobbit- The Desolation of Smaug- 5 stars

I absolutely loved loved LOVED this film. I was not a fan of sci-fi style films until I saw the first Hobbit film, and I was very happy with this one too. It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. If you didn’t see it theaters this time, find the time to get it online or on DVD. If you never saw the first one, find it, and you will be very happy with it.


Those are all the films I saw so far this break. I hope you all have a great rest of the week!

Movie Award Tracker

This past year has been filled with so many new movies. Some were impressive and overall spectacular, but some fell short of the hype that they were promoting. I found a list of all the most popular films of 2013 put into a list of all their nominations for this year’s award show season, showing their nominations and current awards they each have won.

Here is the link:

I hope you all had a happy and healthy new year!

Peace and love for the new year!!!

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie review

I recently saw the new Hunger Games movie. It was amazing, yet I was afraid of getting nightmares. The animation was amazing, and quite realistic. I didn’t see the movie in 3D or IMAX (like my mom and sister did), but it was truly a memorable experience. It was funny, heartwarming, action-packed, thrilling, and overall clever in design. My friends who came with me, who have all read the books, said that this movie was very close to the book. They said that Harry Potter was never fully like the book, but this movie did the second book in the Hunger Games series, justice.

I highly recommend this film. The theater was packed, and it was already out for over a week.

Actor Paul Walker dies in tragic car accident

Actor Paul Walker dies in tragic car accident

RIP Paul Walker. The star soared to fame in the iconic “The Fast and Furious” film series. The 40-year-old actor was in the passenger seat in a Porsche driving with Roger Rodus. The two were at a holiday toy drive charity event in southern California.

He will surely be missed.

The Tunnel Connection Europe and Asia will open on Tuesday

The Tunnel Connection Europe and Asia will open on Tuesday

I must be behind on my Europe and Asia news because it has just come to my attention that Turkey is opening an underwater train tunnel that connects Europe and Asia.

I must go and see this unveiling. Damn you college and your constant limitations of my blogging career.

Hunger Games Catching Fire Trailer

This is the newest trailer for the upcoming film The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. It is really cool.

I cannot wait to see this film!


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